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South of France - A large parcel of land

1,2 hectares (3acres) Cevennes foothills. With is a very old stone ruin of 26m2 within.

The land could be divided into many varieties of sizes of “holiday plots”, terrains de loisir.
NB There is no building permission on this plot but the existing 26m2 ruin could be restored.
Building plots of 1000 m2 are selling for €60,000 - € 120,000 in this area on the south side and there is limited hillside land with access left to develop.
The town has invested in infrastructure and business parks to assure its development in the future.
This land could become extremely valuable given its prime location (see google earth @ coordinates) in the South of France with good roads, air links plus of course the Mediterranean sea and university city of Montpellier only 40 minutes away and the historic hills of the Cevennes National Parc on ones doorstep.

There are huge quantities of stone on this site which is made up of small terraces with mature green oak trees and a variety of indigenous trees and aromatic bushes.
The elevated situation affords spectacular views ; much of it is very overgrown but the communal track runs all up the side of the land (for some 120 metres !) which is very useful for
a) to access the whole and
b) for future development.

The building zone is approaching this land and I feel sure that local desire/pressure on building land will eventually bring it in to the zone of possibilities.
The position lends itself for a fantastic off grid development of small log cabins, bubble dwellings, or tree houses as they are becoming popular.
This spot is totally isolated with stunning views and tranquility yet just a 10-15 minutes walk through olives groves and spectacular scenery to a thriving beautiful historic village.

Physically, the landscape has been worked into some flat areas of terraces some quite luxuriant over the centuries and one feels the sense of ancient history when these high hills terraces were farmed with domestic animals and micro-crops on the terraces (even in winter!).

12,000 x € 7 = € 84,000
Mazet 26 x 50% = € 14,000
Geometre to divide so say planning € 15,000
€ 98 000
- € 15 000
= € 83 000

GRAND TERRAIN = € 83,000 (or 6 lots of 2000m2 @ 10,000 = € 60,000)
( 6 x 15,000 = € 90,000)

New Cash price today € 55,000

TODAY - Whole portfolio circa. € 214,000           Contact/Enquiry Email:

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